QantasLink Fokker 100 Emergency Landing

A QantasLink Fokker 100 (VH-NHY) has made an emergency landing at Perth this morning. The passengers had been told there was some sort of fault and didn’t say what it was. After landing passenger and crew had evacuated the aircraft.

All passengers and crew were accounted for however two passengers have been taken to Royal Perth Hospital - most likely for smoke inhalation.

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I never knew they had Fokkers.


They’re operated by another subsidary.
I hope it goes back into service.

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I hope they’re ok.

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How come they evacuated so quick if there are just reports and no confirmation? It seemed like the pilots knew, just wondering why they didn’t tell the passengers to prepare.

It probably only carried 45 passengers who have taken a Fokker 100 a lot of times.

On board were 97 passengers and five crew.

These probably have taken a Fokker 100 a lot.

I meant like why did they evacuate seconds after landings, even aircraft who know they have to evacuate wait a bit until evacuating.

I’m very impressed by the Qantas pilots behind this flight. This whole accident could have been terribly fatal.

@Kyle.Plane they operate the Fokker in Western Australia. Usually flying north to places like Broom and Karratha.


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