Qantaslink Fokker 100 | 2016 Livery

The Qantaslink Fokker 100 is operated by Network Aviation - A Qantas Group airline. The Qantaslink Fokker 100 operates regional flights across Australia.

Most recently, the Qantaslink Fokker 100 was repainted into the new Qantas Livery 2016 and is now back in service.

This image is the property of Dylan Thomas

Definatly need this aircraft! We need more domestic Aussie liverys. Voting straight away!


Oooooo yes please. Awesome plane, still get to occasionally see one now and then

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Such a cool livery! Hope it’ll be in IF one day!

This would be a really good inclusion to IF

Kinda need the aircraft forst

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I hope the Fokker 100 is added! We could also have the Virgin Australia livery for this aircraft.

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Maybe someone could come up with a list of livery’s that this aircraft has. Maybe it will get someone’s attention and more votes


That wouldn’t be a bad idea. I might do that :)

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You could probably make a list here

There was also a request for this aircraft but with the alliance livery, that would be another great one to have for australia in global


Yeah it’s my request. Lovely livery!

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It is a great livery :)

Wow, that livery makes it look so much more sleeker