QantasLink Embraer E190 Livery

Qantaslink Embraer E190 Livery

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With the announcement of the Embraer E-Jets rework after the F18 rework, and more specifically the rework of the Embraer E175 and E190 variants, I thought that it was my obligation and duty as an Aussie to request the QantasLink Embraer E190 livery, that in my opinion, is a stunning, visually appealing and slick livery that suits the E190 tremendously.

Incase you are unaware, Qantaslink is Qantas’ regional network and operates to many regional destinations across the land of the upside down… Australia!

More specifically, Qantas are planning on modernizing their fleet network both as part of Qantaslink as well as their mainline domestic fleet, and they have opted for some E190’s previously owned and operated by Alliance.

Overall, I recommend that this livery would be a great addition to Infinite Flight, and would provide another option for not only Aussies but everyone that likes to explore the land of the upside down people, the land of the Spirit of Australia, the land is Australia!

Wait, Qantas has these? Regardless, I’d like to see this! I support!


The painting is really beautiful. I support even though I’m out of votes.


Thanks for your support mate. It’s appreciated!

It truly is beautiful, even if I have to read it upside down. Thanks for the support!


The first aircraft with the QantasLink colours has rolled off the shop in San Jose!
These are Alliance Airlines E190s being leased for use throughout the Qantas/QantasLink network. This specific one used to be operated by American Airlines!


Is it wrong that I only just learnt QLink E190s?

What a beautiful plane! I loved QF’s new Silveroo livery and the choice of plane❤️

With thanks from hnlramper here is the Qlk E190 awaiting its trip downunder

Here is the plane landing in Brisbane after its long journey!


With the new renderings of the E175 being posted on Infinite Flight social media recently, fingers crossed some E190 WIP shots are coming soon as well.

With that being said, would be fantastic to see the QantasLink livery on the E190. The livery suits this aircraft so well in my opinion and looks sleek.

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Bumping this topic, this livery is neede along with the Alliance Livery!

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Having this QantasLink E190 in the game with the Alliance E190 in the E-Jet update would be amazing! Would definately love to explore remote parts of Australia in them.

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Would love to see this added

ah I was looking for this, voted!

A perfect livery 🦘


Still new to the Qantas fleet yet making great routes flying to small regional airports around Australia, would be fun to see this!


Couldn’t agree with you more, Chris. With the new airports released in 22.5 in Australia, this would be a fantastic addition to the simulator!


🤩🤩🤩 that would be sick

Nice livery from QANTAS 😍

Yes, with Darwin now 3D, it would be awesome to have the e190 Qantaslink livery!