Qantaslink Dash 8 Q300 | New Roo 2016

About the Qantaslink Dash 8 Q300 Repaint

Towards the end of August 2017. Qantas' subsidiary Qantaslink repainted their second Dash 8 Q300 renaming it Rockhampton after the City of Rockhampton in Queensland. This move was part of their 2016 rebrand and Qantaslink began naming their regional aircraft after regional cities; to promote them to tourists - smart marketing right?

Here’s what the Dash 8 Q300 New Roo 2016 livery looks like:
Shot by James Baxter
You can check out this article about the VH-SBT repaint

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I like how qantas have made their logo Qantas look more modern. Sick livery

Meh… Liked Qantas’s old livery better imo

Actually, I’ll make it a feature request.

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VH-TQZ, another Q300 was also repainted. So far there are 3 repainted Q300s, but suprisingly no Q200s or Q400s.

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Oh right you made this into a features request 😶

You should vote for your own topic before expecting others to do so.

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