QantasLink Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 "National Breast Cancer Foundation" Livery

Add the Q400 Pink livery. Not just have the normal Qantas livery but add this one as well, pretty flash in my opinion.


Great idea

It’s not a very nice livery really.

So it is for a good reason and still looks nice. @Skylines do you why know it has the pink livery(clue look in front of the main door)

Anyways back on topic

Why don’t you like it? It’s for a good cause. I think it looks awesome.

Yes! And as just said for a good cause, supporting cancer research.

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I would agree it’s for a good cause but the red and pink don’t mix very well

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But as @Skylines was saying before this would be a nice addition to the q400 when it comes out

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Changed the title for better quality

This is a duplicate.

This was earlier so it shouldn’t be a duplicate.

Nope, this one is fine.

The other Topic which was created today is a Duplicate.

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  • Yes I want this!
  • I’m not sure
  • No, I don’t want it

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This needs more attention.

It is actually named the “National Breast Cancer Fiundation” livery, title changed. It was unofficially named “Pinky”.

Oh yes great luvery.

Haha, yes. That pink symbolises love for sure! ;-P

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Much better then the typical boring liveries Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates, and Qantas this is a great idea thanks for taking the time to find this it’s for a good cause to Qantas should use more vivid colors such as these as it’s typical livery on all its planes:)

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Looks good!

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