QantasLink Airbus A220-300

Image from Qantas.

Don’t think there’s much explaining to do here.

Qantas will be ordering 20 Airbus A220-300s as replacements for all 20 Boeing 717s.

Since we just got the A220, let’s (eventually) get this one in.

Great request! got my vote


This has certainly got my vote! I knew this was coming, just glad they’ve now officially announced it.

Going to be an amazing addition and upgrade to the domestic route network!


No way Qantas is getting A220s!


Ah someone beat me to it in creating a topic on this subject haha


They will also be ordering 20 A321XLRs


They also set aside purchase rights for the A220-100 if needed


Omg I was about to tag you, they confirmed it when and where ?

And when will they receive the first one ?

If only Hawaian did the same bruh, it would be cool…


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According to Reuters:

The airline said it had committed to buying 20 Airbus A321XLR planes and 20 A220 jets as well as 94 purchase options, subject to board approval expected by June 2022.

Deliveries would start in mid-2023 and continue over the next 10 years to replace an ageing fleet of 75 Boeing 737s and 20 717s, Qantas said, confirming a deal that was first reported by Bloomberg News.

Source: Qantas switches domestic fleet to Airbus in blow to Boeing | Reuters

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That’s exciting news! I’m sad the 717s are getting replaced tho…

Yeah just came here after hearing the news!

The chances are honestly not that bad! Hawaiian is an Airbus customer and has called the A220 a really promising contender for the fleet renewal, especially since it can easily fly to the west coast as well


Now only Lufthansa is missing as an A220 customer (they are already in talks with Airbus and Embraer and the A220 is in the lead) to make this end of the year perfect!

I’ve of course vote it, can’t wait to see this iconic livery on this wonderful aircraft!

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Being an Aussie, naturally I’ve voted for this 🇦🇺


Now they confirmed this with Airbus. Great request - in advance!

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I really want to see more a220 liveries

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Bump, let’s get this beautiful aircraft to 50 votes

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This is the first time I’ve heard of Qantas ordering the a220. If I’m honest I will miss the 717 a bit.