QantasLink A320 missing flying Kangaroo on Wingtips

With the recent changes to the Qantas livery in 2016-17, the Qantas flying Kangaroo was added to the aircraft wingtips so that they were visible to passengers inflight and would appear on photos taken from the aircraft windows.

However, the QantasLink A320-200 model in Infinite Flight is missing this valuable feature and it would be great if it could be updated in a future redesign or retouching…

Real-world QantasLink A320-200 wingtip:

Infinite Flight QantasLink A320-200 wingtip:

This should be made into a feature request! I hope this does jet added, as it is a little, bit very cool little thing! Can a regular move this to #features?

The aircraft has already been added… It’s simply missing the flying Kangaroo which is more of a support question than a feature request.

Well look at this feature request:

So I believe this should be a feature request


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