Qantaslink 717 with the text above the windows

The QantasLink 717 in IF has the qantaslink text below the windows of the plane, which is only on VH-NXE. You might find me picky, but I very much prefer the livery on Every other 717.
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Is this basically a rework of the 717, preferably Qantas?

I agree with you and that you want realism! :)

Hopefully this can be added in (Maybe with a B717 Rework??).

I thinking it used to be above the windows before a texture revamp which changed it to the old livery for some reason

If you want a 717 rework I definitely want the cockpit to be reworked


I made a very similar topic recently ;)

I don’t think the livery will be changed from VH-NXE.

I assume that you are out of votes since you haven’t voted. I too like this but I am out of votes.