QantasLink 717 sunset flight from Uluru to Alice Springs (YAYE - YBAS)

Server: Expert
Flight time: 35m
Aircraft: QantasLink 717
Time: Sunset

Getting ready for takeoff

Rotating with the famous Uluru in the background

Late afternoon glow in the cabin

Cruising at FL250

On final at RW12 in Alice Springs

Landing in Alice

Taxiing into the gate. These signs add that extra touch of realism.

Parked at the gate

Looking back at the 717 from the airport car park


Nice shots there! Love the Sunset Pic

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Nice pics!πŸ‘€ Love the cabin pic. And the two last ones, the one with the gate and seeing the plane from the car park, those two are the highlight of this flight. And the Boeing 717 adds an antique touch to the uniqueness of the Australian landscape. Amazing photos!!

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I hope Qantaslink E190 will be added in the Ejet rework so you can do pics like these in the future !
Well done

@Declan_O πŸ‘€


Btw one of the pictures of the 717 looks soo realistic


Which one? πŸ˜‰

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Which one?

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Me too, I think the Embraer jets need some Aussie airlines, mainly Qantas but AirNorth as well.

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You brave soul, flying the 717!! Great photos

The one landing in Alice Springs
Sorry for the late response

Yeah it’s not the best to fly but it’s good to have some variety.