QantasLink 717-200 Livery Refresh

I want to point out that the newer Qantas font is used in the 2008 version of this livery in Infinite Flight. You can compare the liveries used on VH-NXE below:

See how the font used on the real aircraft is the older block type? I can tell both liveries are based off the 2008 version due to the gold stripe along the tail. Also the one in IF is missing the Oneworld logo, the “Boeing 717” text and the engine colouring at the back is different. Just something little I noticed that the livery creators could correct.

Remember to use one picture per feature request!

Also, I changed the title for you, just cleaning it up ;)

I feel this request is in need of 2 pictures to compare both liveries :)


True true, I looked pretty hard and can’t see a difference, the Oneworld sticker isn’t worth a vote from me though.

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I don’t see a difference. What’s different between the two? They look identical.

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May be the revese trhust color? Look at the back of the engines, anyway it stills not worth…

Here @Kevin_Potthast. I’m probably being a pit picky so the topic can be closed 😂

Although this is the Qantas logo, it still used the same font as the QantasLink 2008 logo. A good way to differentiate the two is the flat ‘A’.

Yeah I added that as well 😄

The right side of the real world aircraft doesn’t feature the oneworld logo either. It’s only on the left. I also agree that this isn’t really worth voting for, I’d save my vote for the ‘2016 New Roo livery for the B717’.

I’m not sure if the oneworld logo is on the left side of the Infinite Flight B717

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No it does not either, I changed the picture. I was planning to put this topic in support since I have seen topics similar to this in that category, but I thought it best fits here. I agree, I’m probably going to save my vote for the new livery.

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The “Qantas” is darker than the older one too…

Yeah, that is another thing. The livery probably won’t be tweaked anyway 🤔