Qantas737guy ATC Tracking thread

Welcome to my official ATC thread


I’m coming now! 20 characters

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There is only TWR at VAAH just a heads up

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I was there the whole time…

Hold on, I’m acoming

I’m going to swing by for some pattern work 👌

Edit: Nevermind, didn’t check how old the post was 😬

Are you still open? It has been 5 days ago?

Pop over to EFRO, I will be controlling.


Closed now. Public feedback appreciated @Nate_Schneller @Dylan_V_Woods “AFKLM Nate (@natedog508?)

One thing you were missing is that you should tell what aircraft to follow in the pattern.
Ex. N4TE, number 2, traffic to follow us on final.


yeah, thats me @Qantas737guy. LOL, for my VA


Yeah, i was on downwind and you were on downwind but he should’ve had you go first and me extend. Oh well lol

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