Qantas094’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSLC

Pattern work cannot be allowed if a standard traffic pattern cannot be completed :)


I would recommend not opening Lukla Airport. Instead, I would focus on becoming confident with your skills in a normal airport. I’ll be there though.


Oh RIP Is it Lukla? Urm… I’ll still come lol.

Thanks for the help, can’t wait to see you there.

Spawning now. Sorry I was sorting out PM’S on the IFC.

How can I remain in the pattern 😂

Ok, I was callsign BIONIC.

Takeoff: Clearance was good, no issues.

Landing: You never gave me a pattern entry. Pattern entries should be given unless an aircraft is in the pattern

You cleared the TBM number one, and then cleared me number one. After this, you did not sequence the TBM.

You did not give me an exit runway command

A mid-air collision almost happened when you cleared the other aircraft for takeoff.

I would recommend controlling at a more simple airport, rather than trying to control Lukla.

Hope this helps :)


Thank you it is very helpful

I agree, it was when I took off i thought i was going to go directly through, but i want to watch that in the replay, because that was pretty cool. I was very confused when he sequenced you number 1, as I was turning onto final. Notice how I had to both circle around behind you, and also go around, 1 being an aircraft on the runway, and 2 I was stalling. I must have scraped my landing because I pitched up so hard.

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Thanks to everyone who came out I had fun, that was very hard and I do apologise for the mistakes I made, I will open later at a different airport.

So why do you have a trackig thread?

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Because I was told I could make one.

It was @Sashaz55. Someone said they’ve contacted Sasha via PM.

Please keep this to a PM as we don’t need this on the thread

Well that’s why I made this topic

If someone wants to do a thread to better themselves, even if it is just for the training server ATC, go right ahead. The intent was to limit the number of people who post “I am open” and never open again. It is for people who are serious about wanting to improve their skills.

With that being said, I am going to clean the thread up to remove all the off-topic chatter that should have been done via PM.


Thanks for the clearance mate. Glad this is settled.

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Thank you so much mate for stopping the arguing it’s very appreciated.

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Where should I open next?

  • YMMB
  • YBAS
  • YMEL
  • PABA

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Well @Chris_S said they are allowed, also please don’t start more arguments.