Qantas094’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSLC

Thanks to everyone who came out I had fun, that was very hard and I do apologise for the mistakes I made, I will open later at a different airport.

So why do you have a trackig thread?

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Because I was told I could make one.

It was @Sashaz55. Someone said they’ve contacted Sasha via PM.

Please keep this to a PM as we don’t need this on the thread

Well that’s why I made this topic

If someone wants to do a thread to better themselves, even if it is just for the training server ATC, go right ahead. The intent was to limit the number of people who post “I am open” and never open again. It is for people who are serious about wanting to improve their skills.

With that being said, I am going to clean the thread up to remove all the off-topic chatter that should have been done via PM.


Thanks for the clearance mate. Glad this is settled.

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Thank you so much mate for stopping the arguing it’s very appreciated.

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Where should I open next?

  • YMMB
  • YBAS
  • YMEL
  • PABA

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Well @Chris_S said they are allowed, also please don’t start more arguments.


Status: Open at LYBE


Wind 150° 5kt. Ceiling and visibility OK. Temperature 26°C, dew point 21°C. QNH 1025hPa. No significant, Landing runway 12, departing runway 12, pattern work allowed.

Tower and Ground

You can use any aircraft

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Can you be somewhere else than Australia?
Like Frankfurt, or maybe even my country! LYBE!

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Sure I will change it.

Thanks mate! I’ll come in for some patterns.

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Just tell me where you will be and I will come now

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Come down now and check new ATIS.

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Haha! Thanks a lot mate! I’m coming in ;)

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Nice ATC’ing mate! Keep it up! I kinda lost interest on that last landing and taxi though. Can’t wait to fly more patterns with you in ATC!

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Thanks mate, I might open again soon.