Qantas YWOL Base training @ YSSY - 222000ZAPR17

Server: Training

Region: Sydney Area

Airport: YSSY Terminal 3

Time: 2000Z

DTG: 222000ZAPR17

Aircraft: Jetstar A320

NOTAM: Join Qantas Virtual for Base Training in the A320, all welcome!

Base training is a new pilots opportunity to fly an aircraft for the first time without fare paying passengers before they commence Line Training with a Training Captain. These days due to cost, as well as advancement in technology, this is largely done on full motion Flight Sims, however ‘back in the day’ a group of trainees took an aircraft out of service and flew it to a smaller airfield to practice their Touch and Go’s!

To simulate this we will spawn at T3 at YSSY in the A320 then start off with a navigation exercise up to YORG, fly over heard YORG at FL320 before heading to the coast at YWOL where we will do at least 2 TnG’s before return flight direct to YSSY for debrief at base.

Navigation Flight Briefing

YSSY Departure


YSSY Arrival


Would love to join this event.

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Would that be the 23rd at 8:00am in NZST?

Yes that sounds right. It’s 9pm on Saturday night for me.

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Nice! I think I can make it! 😃

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Sign me up pls…

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Great, look forward to seeing you there!

Event starts in 3hrs, see you on the flight line guys!1

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