Qantas Yananyi Dreaming Boeing 737-800

Hi All,

Thought I’d suggest this amazing Aircraft in the Qantas Fleet as this week is NAIDOC Week here in Australia. NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islander Day Observance Committe. It is a time to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander history, culture and achievements and is an opportunity to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country (Australia) and our society.

Yananyi Dreaming is the name of the Aboriginal Art on this Aircraft and I believe it will be a wonderful sight in the IF skies!

Very wild livery but sadly FDS doesn’t add special livery aircraft anymore


Really, what about the actual 77W Air France

Anymore* he said, nice livery tho

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Okay, thanks

If everybody take a special livery it makes no sense

Never say never! 😂

This looks really nice! Love the unique colors, something you’d only find down below on our side of the globe!


Qantas no longer have the Yananyi Dreaming livery, instead they have a new one. Can’t remember the name though…

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It may be advisable to give photo credits.

This may have also been reposted, though it’s a bit old.

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Hopefully we will get the standard Qantas livery 737 first, that might be one of the highest requested liveries

What about the Southwest Shamu that is confirmed?

Shamu is not confirmed.

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Kinda want the standard 737 livery first please xD.
But yes one day if they do decide to add special liveries again, this wouldn’t be a bad livery to have. Unfortunately I have spent my votes

In future, search before you create a topic. One of them needs to be closed now.


Let’s keep this one. The other one is pretty old. :)


This livery is beautiful but unfortunately I don’t think it’s around anymore.

That’s Mendoowoorrji :)

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No it is not, that was just speculation

A great aircraft with and amazing livery.

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I was really sad whe I found out the livery was gone

This is what the livery is like now and in that red circle there’s a tiny Yananyi painting

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You mean Yananyi dreaming