Qantas Wunala Dreaming Boeing 747-400

A beautiful livery. Leave a like if you want it.
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I love it! :)

Duplicate topic, there is no need to make a new topic. Please search before posting :)


Well you actually did that.

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Actually I asked Carson, and I did what he said


It is sooooo good!!!
I want it in IF sooo bad!!

Very Creative!

I love the livery! The art is so creative

@Ninetales Wow! This is exactly what Infinite Flight needs

Wow! That looks incredible!

@BennyBoy_Alpha I agree with you

Such a nice livery. Im not sure if these special liverys are subject to copyright tho. I know Ana star wars one is because it disney. I would definitely buy it as a dlc if infinite flight added it into the game.

I dont believe it is cause its just aboriginal paintings which is basically a bunch of dots and i am australian so i know what aboriginal paintings are


YESS needed so much

@Charles_L I agree with you

This is an awesome livery! It really does indeed look awesome on the Qantas livery. Similar to the 787’s special Qantas livery. Forgot it’s name. But, just like the KLM Orange Pride, other liveries does deserve a special livery like this one!

  • Here is a better picture. The Aircraft Registration is VH-OEJ. The livery recently changed.


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Wow. Nearly four years and only 3 votes. I really wish I could vote for this, but I’m all out. Great request!

Edit: I’m gonna vote for it!

this livery is absolutely beautiful but ith time it would take to make i dont think the devs would want to but i hope they decide to do it

@Choccymilk I agree, it should be on Infinite Flight in the future

Bump cause I gotta see this at VHHX