Qantas will run non-stop Boeing 787 flights to Paris, Frankfurt

Qantas’ special non-stop flights to Europe

Each Qantas Boeing 787-9 departs from Sydney, makes a brief stopover at Perth, and then continues all the way to its final destination.

Qantas’ QF9 non-stop flight to London

  • Departs Sydney at 4.05pm on 26 December 2020, arriving London Heathrow at 5.05am on 27 December
  • Departs Sydney at 4.05pm on 12 January 2021, arriving London Heathrow at 5.05am on 13 January

Qantas’ QF175 non-stop flight to Paris

  • Departs Sydney at 3.35pm on 13 December 2020, arriving Paris (Charles de Gaulle) at 6am on 14 December

Qantas’ QF115 non-stop flight to Frankfurt

  • Departs Sydney at 3.45pm on 9 December 2020, arriving Frankfurt at 6.10am on 10 December

Seats on the Boeing 787 are available across all three cabin classes in business, premium economy and economy.

A spot-check on average pricing for the flights to London, Paris and Frankfurt show economy fares from around $1,300, with premium economy typically starting at $3,500 and business class from $6,500 (depending on the route).

Qantas notes that “due to the high number of passengers wanting to travel on these flights, it may not be possible to provide seat separation for all passengers, and you may be seated next to other passengers.”

The airline also advises that “the inflight entertainment system will be unavailable” – so with these flights stretching to 24 hours from start to finish, passengers are advised to BYO reading material, moves and binge-worthy TV series.



Pretty sure these are repatriation flights.



As @Cameron_M has mentioned, these are repatriation flights, not scheduled flights like the title makes it sound

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They will most fly back to Darwin.

Please see the bottom paragraph! As you can see, temporary


Yes im Australian and there are over 20,000 Aussies waiting to come home. They will quarantine at Darwin on the return flight from Europe.

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Interesting to say the very least… Have they discontinued the contract with the provider?

But still a sight to see and I am somewhat sad I can’t be in Frankfurt to see this bird!

Most likely to expensive to run.

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I got my hopes up for a second there…

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Might well be, yes :)
It is still a rather odd decision on such a route in my opinion though…

The Qantas B789 VH-ZNK is now enroute as QFA115 from Sydney to Frankfurt with previous stopovers in Melbourne and Perth!

Expected arrival time in Frankfurt is ~06:10 am tomorrow. I will definitely simulate that flight in IF.

Awesome! Btw, change your title to- Qantas will run non-stop flight from Perth to Paris AND Frankfurt, not Paris, Frankfurt ;)

It isn’t my topic, @Capt.SkyWalker would have to change it. ;)

Besides that, one more flight to Frankfurt is scheduled for the following date:

Source: Simple Flying / Qantas

As it is written above, the stopovers on the flights back to Australia will be in Darwin.

Wait, Chennai & New Delhi?

VH-ZNK will depart in a few minutes from Frankfurt to Darwin as QFA116.

I am currently flying QFA115 in IF. :)

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