Qantas Weekly Event @ PHTO - 252200ZJUN17

All events are usualy online

Want to join i will be flying Delta 1

So if I don’t have the online I can’t play the event ??

That is correct. Also what is your aircraft type?

No Sir you don’t have to pay me for the event, infact you don’t have to pay anyone. Just make sure you have Live subscription in Infinite Flight. 🙂

I am going to use a A380 .

LOL already at gate 5

Sure I have assigned you a gate, make sure you see your gate and spawn there also please come in Qantas airlines skin.

Hello @Samuel_Boakye Do you mean your callsign? You’re most welcome to the event, please make sure that you’re using Qantas livery!

I don’t think I am going to respect the ruls very good but I will try my best…

Sir since it’s a Qantas event it would be very pleasing if you could come in Qantas livery, please?

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@samuel_48 how can i select the Qantas livery ?

I’ll Private Message to you for that

15 minutes left now, please start spawning.

are we all ready for pushback

Show do i join because I want to join

now or never. were leaving

yes join asap we are taxiing catch with us up

And I want the 787-9

go ahead…spawn now