Qantas Weekly Event @ PHTO - 252200ZJUN17

Server: Training

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHTO

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: *Hello fellow Pilots and Community members how are you? I would like you all to accompany us at Qantas weekly event in the partial cloudy weather of Hawaiian airspace. We will be flying a short journey from Hilo Airport (PHTO) to Honolulu Airport (PHNL). We will be using the runway which is suitable for the good weather at that moment. Hopping in any Qantas livery aircraft would be good to fly. You’re free to occupy any gates you want to. I’ll be looking forward for our community pilots to join as this is my very first event (hope all goes well 😌). Pilots from Qantas VA can file a Pilot Report for this event.
Flight level - 20,000 ft, cruise speed - 320KIAS, Approx distance will be 200 nm and start descending when 60 miles left and make sure to stay below 250Kts below 10000.
If wanna be a part of our Qantas family click here - also make sure to check out our official Qantas Virtual Group thread - Fly Infinite Flight's favourite Virtual Airline | Qantas Virtual Group | Accepting applications for COO - #33 by QantasVirtualGroup
Here are the charts for PHTO and PHNL if you wanna have a look -

If there’s any mistake in the event posting please suggest me to correct it because this is my first event post. ☺️
Parking Gate assignments :
Parking Gate 01 - samuel_48
Parking Gate 02 - @RonnyMartin
Parking Gate 03 - @Livmap
Parking Gate 04 - @Meteorology7
Parking Gate 05 - @Anush_Patel
Parking Gate 06 - @Darren_QFA0333
Parking Gate 07 -
Parking Gate 08 -
Parking Gate 09 -
Gate chart -


I wanna join. I will fly in the Airbus A380

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Just when is it?Like the date

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I’d be very honoured @Livmap, it’s on 25th June, Sunday at 22:00 GMT.

Thanks i’ll be there

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Thanks @Livmap I’ll see you there😉

I’ll join with the airbus a321!

Great I’d be very happy, but it does not have the Qantas livery?

I really want to join, i will take the A380.

Sure Sir thanks very much @PiloteXav, I’d be very happy, make sure you select the Qantas livery 😊😊

@samuel_48 sorry it’s my first try on a event, what do you mean when you say qantas livery? And can i take a Luftansa or do i have to take a qantas plane?

I’m sorry too sir, you’re most welcome to the event. Since its a Qantas Virtual Group event, I would please like you to take Qantas plane, livery means airline skin and design. I would be very happy sir! 🙂

I would like to join. Im in 767-300. Might not make it. Hope I do though!

@Meteorology7 Thanks very much Sir, I do really hope that you are able to make up for this event. I’d be humbly waiting for you ☺️

What would the time be for eastern standard time(EST)

Nice ! I like flying in Hawaii and never flew there with Qantas as I remember well …I’ll take the A380 Qantas livery of course ;-)

That will be 6:00 PM in EST time today.

Sure Ronny thanks very much for joining. ☺️ I’ll assign you the gates in a few moment.

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I am attending , QFA 41 , A380(Wish I had the Qantas 789 )

Sorry to ask , but do I need to pay online to join you in the event .