Qantas Virtual's Mystery Destination Event! @ KSFO - 200830ZAUG17

Server: Training

Region: San Fransisco

Airport: KSFO

Time: 0830Z

NOTAM: Join Qantas Virtual in this GA Event! For this event we will spawn at KSFO and fly to a mystery destination. You will follow @BenW (Qantas 0279) in the C208 Caravan to a destination only he knows. Make sure you give adequate spacing to others. Please use your Qantas Virtual ID as your callsign if you are a pilot with us. Also be prepared for a one or two touch and goes on the way, make sure to listen to airport ATC or Unicom to see if we’re doing a touch and go or are landing at the mystery airport!

52 PM

Qantas Virtual Pilots can file a PIREP for this event, message us afterwards for more details


(More Can be added if needed)
Gate D51 - @ Callum_Brayshaw
Gate D52 - @Steven_Snyder
Gate D53 - @nathan_reid
Gate D54A - @ Ahmed_Cali
Gate D55 - @ BenW
Gate D56A - @ Boeing773ER
Gate D57 - @ Kronus904
Gate D58A - @ Declan_Lyall_O_Regan
Gate D59 - @ Qantas737guy
Gate E60 - @ Meatball
Gate E61 - @Josh
Gate E62 - @Callum_Towlson
Gate E63 - @Firefighter
Gate E64 - @Jean-Pierre_KropKLM
Gate E65 - @aman_gupta
Gate E66 - @Swiss_Global s
Gate E67 - @Miyakojima
Gate E67 -
Gate E69 -


Can I have a gate? Sounds fun


Of course! I have assigned you one

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Sign me up! I should be there! Also, how do we know which unicom Ben is tuned to? (I am QFA0375)

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How can I join a certain group … I need help

Can I have a gate please! Sounds like a lot of fun :)

Sign me up! Sounds like a fun event in an classic region.

Since you’ll be following him, you should be able to see what airport he is approaching, so tune in to that
I have assigned you a gate, Gate D57

I have assigned you gates @Declan_O (Gate D58A) @Boeing773ER (Gate D56A)

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Are you wanting to know how to join Qantas Virtual? PM us so we can help

Thanks :) …


Sign me up
Sounds fun

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Thanks! Gate D57 it is!

You have Gate E60! See you there!

I didn’t know Qantas operated the 208… Pretty cool event tho!

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We don’t actually have the 208 in our fleet, but we thought that it would be the optimum aircraft for this type of event

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Can I have a gate for the event?

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May I have a spot too sounds cool!

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Sign me up. What time is it at

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