Qantas Virtual Sydney Frolic @ YSSY - 042000ZOCT17

I’m in with Qantas at terminal 1 thank u I will be there my call sign is Nickalyn and n27537

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15 hours, copied. Thanks, David. Oh, by the way, how are we gonna manage multiple aircraft spawning at the same terminal gate? Do we have any sort of gate assignment?

tbh I have never had that issue when running events at YSSY, guess I have been lucky. Most people select good gates and spawn in time so if need be can shift before the even starts.

Oh yeah, forgot that it was a paid region, right? Probably not so much users in it, I guess?

dont think its a paid region? However as I have live + I am not sure there! When you get ATC in Sydney it can get busy there!

hi Mate, think at present @AryaTheLivingMeme is thinking of running ARV/DEP however there is always YSSY Centre which could do with some cover…?

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@David_Lockwood,@MaksimFerguson I would like if somebody would take up the departures would anyone help me

Hello, can i join? :-)

Thius is shaping upto be a great event! Hopefully lots of business for you ATC guys. Soas to avoid confusion, these are teh ATC posts that I see coverd :

YSSY DEP/APR = @AryaTheLivingMeme
YSSY CENTRE = @MaksimFerguson

looking forward to seeing you all there later tonight


17 mins remaining should I spawn now

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Why is no one spawning yet its only 8 aircraft s at the airport😟😟

I was thinking as tower/ground spot is empty maybe I could take over that spots that way we could cover the main ones and a VA event won’t occur on an Unicom?

Enjoyed that this evening. Thanks for organising.


Thanks to all who came along, was a great event. Had over 10 Qantas aircraft a in the air and the region wa pretty full with other pilots. Thanks to those who looked after ATC spots as well!


Youre welcome, see you soon again.


I have this Event Recorded, will at soon to share on topic.
Thought would be good for new Year some videos or Pictures on our website updated.

great look forward to seeing!

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Video have been done, enyoj.


That’s very nice! Thank you for posting that!

@MackenzieRodgers and @Darren_QFA0333 check it out!


Great video @turkish534 - looks great