Qantas Virtual Sydney Frolic @ YSSY - 042000ZOCT17

Server: Training

Region: *Sydney Region *

Airport: YSSY

Time: 2000Z

Aircarft: Any Qantas or Jetstar Livery Aircraft

Callsign: All Qantas Pilots please use your QFA ID# as your Flight number. All others please use an appropriate call sign.

NOTAM: Qantas Virtual Group Presents Mid Week Flutter

It has been a while but Qantas is back with a Mid-week event. All are welcome to attend and join in the fun as we fly round the Sydney region in our favourite Qantas group branded aircraft.

1945z-2000z Spawn at YSSY. A380, B747, B787 and B767 use Terminal 1. A320 use Terminal 2.

2000z: Pushback, use 34L or 16R (depending on wx conditions) to take off.

Flight Plan: YSSY - YORG (Overhead, min FL320), YSCB (Overhead min FL360) and then return to YSSY landing either 34L or 16R depending on wx.





Happy Landings

David L


I’d like to act the ATC

Hi hello When is this?

great look forward toseeing you there. Will you take care of YSSY GND and TWR?

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Hey When is the event?


In the title is what is know as the DTG (Date Time Group), these are always shown in ZULU time (or GMT) so that there is a universal time around the world to help with planning events.

so, the DTG of this event is 042000ZOCT17 = 4th October 2017 @ 2000 Zulu. To convert Zulu time to your local time use this conversation table or even just put it into Google! Zulu Time to Your Local Time Conversion -- TimeBie

Hi im thinking maybe I could act as ATC tower/ground at YORG ?

I have 458 observations as an ATC controller


you can do, but we will not be stopping at YORG, just using that as a waypoint (will aim to be at FL320!). Perhaps you could team up with @johnnybravoe and provide YSSY Departure / Arrival frequencies?

Can I take a gate please

no assigned gates (apart from the terminals I mentioned depending on the airframe you will be flying). See you there!

Ok see you tomorrow. Thanks

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Yeah why not, I could handle arrivals then also would be happy to help by being an arrivals ATC ;-) :-) :-)

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great stuff! look forward to seeing you in action!

Good luck to you all pilots

I have posted the link to the STAR for YSSY, so with pilots following this in there are a number of built in “holding locations” whihc you can use to help make space when needed. hopefully everyone will not bunch up and act like proffesionals, however this is TS!

How can we become a pilot for Qantas virtual

Check out our website as well as our thread here on IFC. Flykll

Sure David, I can act the ground and the tower. Please clarify how many hours left for the event.

Great news Johnny! Use this link to work out your local time compared to Zulu. Zulu Time to Your Local Time Conversion -- TimeBie

It is currently 0500z (0600 here in London) so event is in 15hrs time!

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