Qantas Virtual Sunday Fly in @ YSSY - 021900ZAPR17

Server: Training

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY

Time: 1900Z to 2100Z

NOTAM: Qantas Virtual Presents: Sunday Night Sydney Fly in

A nice casual event in the Sydney region, bring any Qantas or JetStar aircraft or any long haul visitor and fly any route you fancy! Have a go at ATC if you like.

Qantas Pilots can fly any of the routes and file a PIREP, however event is open to all to come along and enjoy flying with likeminded pilots.

Please follow SID and STARs where applicable as well as all ATC instructions.

Happy contrails

David L

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IFTSATC team have said that they will supply ATC services during the event so should be a realistic and great event.

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IFTSATC Will be at this event, will be fun and great! Cheers :)


Thought i would do ATC, but will let the pros do it. I will fly the 767.


I will be there at Gate 1-31

You could always join ;)

Did the event start ?

Great ATC work by IFTSATC. Full ATC services provided, DEP, APP, TWR, GRD and even CTR on our return leg to YSSY.image

What happened to you on return to YSSY? Did you land or bite the dust?;)

I landed and quit.

Great flight but I there didn’t seem much co-ordination between Centre, Apr and tower. Had some odd sequencing and vectors which ended up with me getting two violations and now a grade 2…

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Not sure if that was IFTSATC. Are you positive it was IFTSATC?

Well guess that’s the issue with TS as no one is sure who is controlling in the same way as on Expert.


I was busy and could not control 1 guy came so if you got bad vectors it was definetley not us


If your guy was at YSCB they did a great job there as a few of us did TnGs as well as others who landed there or started their flight from there. Good job on sequencing and controlling the airways.

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Yes, I saw someone with IFTSATC at the end of their display name at Canberra

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