Qantas Virtual Round the World Freighter Leg 1 @YMML - 042200ZJAN18


Server: Expert

Region: Australia to Malaysia

Dep Airport: YMML

Arv Airport : WMKP

Date: 04JAN18

Time: 2200Z

Aircraft :Any Qantas Long Haul or Freighters

Call Signs :Qantas Virtual please use your Pilot ID # as your Flight number. Everyone else please use appropriate call sign for the aircraft livery

Flight Plan: 35 fixes, 3620 nm. YMML KEPPA Q168 WR T29 CIN A576 ATMAP M635 TPG A464 SJ G579 VJB B466 SUKAT A457 TEPUS WMKP

NOTAM: Qantas World Wide Freight Route, Leg 1 All Welcome

Qantas Virtual Group ( as latest innovation for 2018 is launching worldwide freighter routes, utilising the B767 and B747 on international and domestic routes to add to the diversity of routes and aircraft available to our to our Pilots and members. As part of the Freight Service we are also launching a round the world freight service using a leased MD11F, this is based on the LH8400/8401 routing with using Stanstead in the UK instead of Frankfurt as European stop over.

Come and join Leg 1 of this round the world flight as we set off from the Qantas International Freight Terminal at Melbourne and head North West towards Malaysia.

2130z-2145z:Spawn at YMML
2200z-onwards:Take off
0600z/05 Jan:ETA at WMKP

See you in the air,

David L


Hi @David_Lockwood, count me in!

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Check your title!!! Bit of an error, “Qantas Virtua:|”.

Have a good day.



@MaksimFerguson I fixed it for him ;)

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Slurp, Noice.

Thanks :)

I’m coming sign me up!!

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Charts needed for the event:



Spawning in just over 10 mins.

Gday how u doing im with u, which Gate do we joining?

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Thanks to all those who came along, was a great flight! Look out for future Qantas Events!

Happy landings

David L


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