Qantas Virtual Question

Hello IFC,

So I recently got into Qantas Virtual, but I can’t find any rank info or what I am supposed to fly and routes that I can and can’t do. Could a current pilot help me?

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Shoot a PM to one of their staff members and they would give you all the information you require.


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Dm a member of Staff from the va on the slack/discord that they use

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Hey there @Alec! Firstly, welcome aboard. We are super happy that you’ve chosen to join Qantas Virtual Group.

I have sent you a private message on the IFC, I can better help you there.

Thanks for the tag @NationofAviation :)

Hey there mate,
All our information can be found at the QVG website. For rank info please see the downloads section and for routes, please see the routes section.
Hope that helped!

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