Qantas Virtual Presents: VH-OJT Retirement @ YBBN - 100830ZNOV18

Count me in Skywalker! Gate 77

Luke i will take a gate

Thanks! Will be there!

Sweet, You have gate 77 @nincombop :)

And you have gate 78 @Dodo_Bird :)

See you guys there!

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I Will Take A Gate! :)

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@DaRealAziz You have gate 80, see you there :)

Ill take gate 81

You’ve got gate 81, see you there!

Can I have Gate 82 please love the home city flyout aswell

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You have gate 82 :)

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Can I have a gate? QFA1095

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Sure, you have Gate 83
See you there!

May I have a gate too? Callsign will be QFA8017.

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Sure, you have Gate 84.
See you there!

I will have Gate 85 please

You have 85, see you there!

Give me the next available gate please.

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Which is it? You have conflicting information!

They both mean the same:
To Los Angeles from Brisbane
for VH-OJTs last journey…?

Just reworded a bit

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