Qantas Virtual Presents: VH-OJT Retirement @ YBBN - 100830ZNOV18

image VH-OJT Qantas 747-400 Retirement

VH-OJT named Fraser Island operated its last revenue service in Qantas colours on Saturday September 22, when it took off from Brisbane Intl airport flying the QF55 flight to Los Angeles.

Statistics from Qantas showcases that VH-OJT has completed around 9,300 cycles and has around 90,000 hours in the air while flying in the Qantas colours for two decades.

  • Qantas Virtual warmly invites everyone to come join us recreate VH-OJT’s last flight on her final journey to Los Angeles from Brisbane

image Flight Information

Server: [Training Server]

Airport: [Brisbane Intl] [YBBN] → [Los Angeles] [KLAX]

Time: November 10, 2018 8:30 AM
[0830 ZULU]

Aircraft: [B747-400]
Livery: [Qantas Livery]

image NOTAM:

  • Come join us with VH-OJT for its last journey from Brisbane to Los Angeles

  • Please Spawn in roughly 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX), all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

  • After you land; stick around for Post Event Photos!

  • Qantas Virtual Pilots can log this flight under [QFA55]

image Flightplan:

[YBBN COODA 2625S/15457E 2543S/15604E GUXIB 2237S/16129E 2155S/16300E 2050S/16518E 1848S/16853E 1632S/17214E 1403S/17523E 840S/17847W 500S/17521W 253S/17324W 012N/17052W 620N/16548W 914N/16305W 1458N/15733W 2005N/15120W 2358N/14355W 2552N/14007W 3024N/13041W EDSEL EDTOO ELKEY 3333N/12017W VTU SADDE BAYST SMO JAVSI KLAX]

Flight plan subject to change

image Gates

Gate Pilot
Gate 75B @Luke_M
Gate 76B @Charles_L
Gate 77 @nincombop
Gate 78 @Rob_Shore
Gate 79 @Josh
Gate 80 @DaRealAziz
Gate 81 @cbrooks531
Gate 82 @Cwilliams21
Gate 83 @sam2875
Gate 84 @Leong_Qi_Wei_819
Gate 85 @AviationAlex
Gate 87 @Laurent_Wellman
CARGO L1 @straik
CARGO L1A @Albatross_Prince
CARGO L3 @Mavic

More gates still available if needed
PM me if you would like an ATC position

This event is hosted by Qantas Virtual Group_
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I will take a gate


Sure :) - You have Gate 76B

See you there!

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Count me in Skywalker! Gate 77

Luke i will take a gate

Thanks! Will be there!

Sweet, You have gate 77 @nincombop :)

And you have gate 78 @Dodo_Bird :)

See you guys there!

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I Will Take A Gate! :)

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@DaRealAziz You have gate 80, see you there :)

Ill take gate 81

You’ve got gate 81, see you there!

Can I have Gate 82 please love the home city flyout aswell

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You have gate 82 :)

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Can I have a gate? QFA1095

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Sure, you have Gate 83
See you there!

May I have a gate too? Callsign will be QFA8017.

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Sure, you have Gate 84.
See you there!

I will have Gate 85 please

You have 85, see you there!