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Welcome to Qantas Virtual Group, Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline.
Today, Qantas Virtual Group is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight.
Qantas Virtual Group is widely regarded as Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline and was the first ever Virtual Airline to operate with this simulator.

For over six years, we have striven to uphold a strong reputation in all areas and it’s all because of the passionate members who work around the globe to keep our network going, our rigorous training, exceptional teamwork and the passion we all share.

image Going Strong for 6 Years!

This year, Qantas Virtual Group is celebrating six years of flying across the globe.
Did you know that no other Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight can say that? For years, we’ve been able to advance ahead and provide an outstanding service that our members love.
Our story is about the people who have created our exciting and productive history and continue to develop Qantas Virtual Group for the future ahead - our staff, our members, and our partners.

image Embrace our spirit

The Qantas Virtual Group extends beyond the destinations that Qantas, Jetstar and Qantaslink offer.
You’ll be eligible to fly to over 180 destinations!
When you choose to join the Qantas Virtual Group, you choose to fly with the best.
You’ll have your hands on aircraft from over -

  • Three different large Australian airlines
  • Thousands of realistic real-world schedules (of which we update regularly),
  • Work with our team and have the doors open to the world of aviation with the Qantas Virtual Group

image Events


At Qantas Virtual we bring all pilots together, whether you are a Qantas Virtual Pilot or a member of the IFC.
We invite you to our unique weekly events that feature our 180+ destinations around the globe!
Be sure to look out for our latest Qantas Virtual weekly event!
Check out our latest event!

image Staff

Here at Qantas Virtual, we pride ourselves on having a large, active and friendly staff base.
Take a look at our staff by clicking on the dropdown box below -

Our Staff
Board of Directors
Chairman & Founder @MackenzieRodgers
Non-Executive Independent Director @BenW
CEO @Darren_QFA0333
COO @David_Lockwood
Executive Director @Angelo
Human Resources
Human Resources Director @Angelo
Human Resources Officer @DaRealAziz
Flight Operations
Director of Flight Operations @Josh
YSSY Hub Manager @Luke_M
KLAX Hub Manager @Tylar_Matsuo
EGLL Hub Manager @Rob_Shore
Pilot Instructor @Chris_Hoss
Pilot Instructor @baxy380
IT Director @Anush_Patel
Acting Director of Marketing @MackenzieRodgers
Social Media Representative @Luke_M

image Communications

We use the discord platform for all internal communication.
The Qantas Virtual Group Discord server is the perfect place to chat with other pilots and staff, get support and meet new people.
Upon acception, an invite link is supplied in the welcome email.
If you are unable to locate this email, please contact a staff member for a link

image Help

Questions, Concerns, Queries?
Don’t hesitate to contact us on the @QantasVirtual account or any of our social media platforms -
A representative will attend to your issue within 24 hours of contacting us.

image Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequent Asked Questions and Answers below -


“What are the requirements to join Qantas Virtual?”

Here at Qantas Virtual, we take in pilots of all skill levels. Our only requests are that you are a minimum of 13 years old and have a valid copy of Infinite Flight

"I’ve been accepted as a pilot - how do I join the discord server?

An invite link is supplied in the acception email. If you cannot locate this or are having trouble joining, feel free to message us and we will assist you.

“What is your ranking structure?”

Our ranking structure consists of six ranks. At each new rank you will unlock the ability to fly 2 new aircraft!

“How active do I need to be?”

Once registered a pilot must fly the first two training flights within first 14 days of joining, then must fly and file a PIREP every 30 days as a minimum

Do I need to pay for any features at all?

Nope, none at all. If someone asks for money its not us!

image Explore the Depths of your Imagination with Qantas Virtual Group


I love how this VA is the one of (if not) the oldest VAs out there. Congratulations!

I love this VA. Best of luck to you guys now and in the future! #6yearsstrong


Glad to be part of such an amazing VA!
Here’s to another 6 years ✈️🙌


Nice thread! Well done!


thank you, it is down to the commitment of the staff memebers as well as our faboulous members who fly as pilots with us! With nearly 500 flights to 180 destinations covering the Qantas, Qantaslink and Jetstar network there is something for everyone from 1 hr short hops to the ULH flights around the world!

We have a unique training program that helps to mentor pilots and give them new skills and experince so that can join as a fresh pilot with limited experince and build up the hours, landings and XP in order to become expert pilots over time.


Definitely one of the oldest and most established, not sure about the leading thing anymore.
Would be great to see some external Qantas events!


Definitely not leading anymore, thats a thing of the past. The professionalism on the other hand still is on a fantastic level. Keep going, Qantas!


Agreed, a leading VA is the first one on your lips when someone asks for a recommendation - that’s not Qantas for me.


Can I have the discord link please?

If you are a member of the VA, you would be given the link.
If you are not a member then I suggest applying to join.

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@Raoul_G you are supplied with a discord link upon acception of your registration. If you are unable to locate this, feel free to contact us and we will supply you with another.

Kind Regards,

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Our fly-out event starts in less than 3 hours!

Make sure to snatch a gate if you haven’t already!


Thank you to everyone who came to the A380 anniversary event.

By far one of the best turnouts we’ve ever had!

Our next event takes us to southern New Zealand - we’re going Back to Basics. Join us and navigate through tricky terrain as we hop from airport to airport.
Hope to see you there!



Qantas Virtual Group launches the Qantas Flying Club for Members, Pilots and Staff!

Loooking for something to do on your layovers after a long haul flight halfway accross the world? Or are you looking to explore the Outback a bit more and get to see the Great Barrier Reef or Uluru up close? The Qantas Flying Club (QvFC) gives are pilots to take a small aircarft for a spin when they either reach their destination or flying around from one of their bases, also an ideal oppotunity to build up that XP and landing count.

Choose from the Training Craft the C-172, workhorse of the sky C208, Fun flyer Cirrus SR22 or the new girl on the block the TBM! Once a pilot has completed the check ride at the QvFC BAse at YWOL then they are free to use the aircarft to explore around any of the 150 + Destinations that Qantas fly too!

@Darren_QFA0333 @MackenzieRodgers @Angelo


I have just applied to this VA. Looking forward to seeing if I get in!


We look forward to having you as a pilot @AD1314 :)

Check out our latest event!


Our Latest Event Is Up!

Our second event in the 787 Month Series takes us on a delivery flight from Seattle to Sydney. Make sure to join us as we venture across the pacific!

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Qantas Virtual Booking


On the 20th of October, Qantas Virtual will be beginning Booking Operations and will start flying passengers from the Infinite Flight Community to our 180+ destinations around the globe

Our inaugural flight for booking has been booked by our mate @LachyRobertson
If you would like to join Lachy on his adventure with us,
Our pilot will be flying from Melbourne to Mildura at 2000ZULU on the 20th of October

Hope to see you there!

Qantas Virtual Booking FAQ

  • What is Qantas Virtual Booking?
    Qantas Virtual Booking is a system that enables an Infinite Flight Community Member to book one of our 600+ scheduled flights and receive a unique and realistic experience with Qantas Virtual

  • Are there any requirements to be eligible to book?
    No, we just kindly ask for you to book five days in advance for the ultimate experience with us

  • I’ve filled out the booking form, now what?
    Once you have filled out the Qantas Virtual booking form, the responsible staff member will contact you in a email or/and in a direct message on the IFC with further information, boarding pass, Frequent Flyer card etc

  • How can I fly?
    Unfortunately, there is no passenger mode in Infinite Flight yet. But we strongly encourage all passengers to track their flight through or fly alongside their flight if they wish


  • What is the “Qantas Virtual Frequent Flyer program” ?
    The Qantas Virtual Frequent Flyer is a virtual passenger reward system.
    When you first book with us, you’ll start off at the Bronze Rank and then if you continually book again with us you’ll progress through our unique ranks

  • What are the ranks in the “Qantas Virtual Frequent Flyer program” ?

In the Qantas Virtual Frequent Flyer program, we have four ranks including:
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum One

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact @Luke_M

Boarding pass and Frequent Flyer card showcase

Boarding pass and Frequent Flyer card


Do you want to start flying with us?

Book today with the Qantas Virtual booking form below:


Looking good QVG, already booked my flight, and if all goes well, I will be booking many more!