Qantas Virtual Group Infinite Flight

Qantas Virtual Group is currently rebranding their entire network, during this time our website will remain inoperative. Our customer support feature remains available for assistance as we make the smooth transition.

We hope you’re just as excited as us for the release of a new era!

Now that website is looking like the real Qantas website! Looking great. Secures your future in Infinite Flight.


Thank you very much @anon31652286,

We always appreciate your compliments!


As we come to a finish with our rebranding we have a chance to focus on who really matters, you - our customers. We’re so excited to bring you innovation to the extreme.

Welcome to a new Qantas Virtual Group

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I like all these videos you’re posting. Keep it up!
Edit: Your website isn’t loading

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HI Captain Ed,

lots of behind the scenes stuff going on here at Qantas Virtual HQ too update our website so that it is the best for our pilots to use and enjoy. We hope to have it up and running soon.

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Ready for a group training flight? This Thursday will be holding a group flight in the B717 from YSSY to YSCB in the Sydney region on TS1 at 2100 Zulu. This will be an opportunity to practice your flight planning, handling skills, working with ATC or Unicom as well as use of an ILS. I will post a thread under the events section, please check it out!

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We’ll be releasing our Pilot Handbook soon, here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect:

Are you excited?


Group flight staring in 4 hours, looking forward to seeing people there!


Will be flying Jetstar 208 from PHTO - PHNL in Hawaii region, Expert server at 2000 Zulu tonight. Please came along and enjoy the fun!

Well I am in Qantas so yeah

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Welcome aboard!

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Qantas Virtual has opened a SLACK Channel for our ‘in house’ communications. There are separate channels within it for the different Hubs (please join the one closest for your time zone!), FAQ as well as for general Qantas Chat and updates.

Invitations are being sent out in stages, however if you would like to join in the mean time please PM me with your Qantas ID and I will pass you the details.

Happy Landings!


How can I join ???

If you are not already a member of Qantas Virtual then please visit our website :

if you are already a member please PM me with your Qantas ID so I can send you the invite to join the Slack group

I’m that guy who can’t find stuff and I couldn’t find sing up here sorry for being annoying

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Hi Fynn (@Fynn),

Thanks for contacting us, these simple steps can lead you to our registration page:

  • Simply navigate to
  • Click login (located on the bottom left of the video or gallery)
  • Then click ‘Registration’

If you require further assistance please message us directly or use the livechat feature on our website.

Kind regards,


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A new one is being made