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Today Qantas Virtual Group Infinite Flight is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight. We have striven to ensure maximum professionalism from our passionate staff and the hundreds of members of our organisation. It is the result of over four years experience, rigorous training and exceptional teamwork.

Qantas Virtual Group Infinite Flight has led the Virtual Airline Industry of Infinite Flight ever since the beginning of operations back in 2012. We revolutionised the industry with experienced staff, innovative & complex systems as well as high quality features for all of our members.

“I have been a member of Qantas Virtual since October 2015. Prior to becoming a member I had looked at and been a member of a couple of VAs whilst I was looking for one that suited my flying and helped develop my skills with Infinite Flight. I joined Qantas as they are based on a real Airline and are running real life routes that are available in the Infinite Flight world.”

David Lockwood, Pilot and Staff member

But truly to all of us at Qantas Virtual Group, this feels like home…

[details=Our Fleet]At Qantas Virtual Group our fleet consists under three different airlines all apart of the Qantas Group.
They include the Airbus A380-800, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 787-8, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 717-200 and the Bombardier Dash 8-Q400[/details]

[details=Our Staff]We have a wide range of staff who our passionate and committed to their jobs. If you’re in need of assistance just ask us!
You can tag myself, @Breydon_Verryt_Reid, @Skylines, @David_Lockwood, @ColeFerguson88, @Anush_Patel, @Angelo, @tyronemarshall, @Eric_Jordy, @Frank_Rodriguez [/details]

Our Partners

We’re currently partnered with American Airlines Virtual Infinite Flight. This partnership supports both airlines mutually and adds hundreds of routes for our virtual airlines to extend to ‘reaching the globe’.

[details=Follow us]

Please avoid commenting questions on our thread, instead we ask you chat with us via livechat on our website, or private message us.


News Room

Your behind the scenes view at the goings on at Qantas Virtual Group…

It’s all about a new experience, an innovation to the industry and more importantly it’s about our customers. We’re so dedicated to what we do here at Qantas Virtual Group we’re transforming, we’ll still be the same Virtual Airline you’ve seen for the past four years… We’ll work endlessly to ensure a smooth transition. (at or above 5,000ft)


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Also the topics have been deleted. We are not planning to ever recreate another topic. The other topics were created by members now since its managed by staff it won’t change.


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What about the Qantas 767-300?

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Don’t forget the B763 as a main stay of the Mod/long haul fleet.

We have a training and career program to develop your skills as a pilot taking you from flying the smaller regional turboprop aircraft up to the wide body super jumbos.

The flight schedules are based on the real life schedules to add to the realism.



I’ll just make it a wiki for a short time just add what you need

We/you should arrange a whole Qantas Virtual fleet photo. That would look pretty cool on the website I think ;)
Unless you’ve already thought or done something similar


I was planning something for the fleet, shown on this page as well I think it could be done :)

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Ok great! Let me know

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We need over 6 people, do you have anyone who can make it currently?

I’m not to sure.

Qantas Virtual is looking for Dash 8 Q400 Instructors and Examiners ( TRI/E).

Job Role:
Based in one of the regions that we fly to ( SYDNEY, SINGAPORE , LONDON, SOCAL or HAWAII) you will fly practical test flights with our New Entries which will consist of shadowing a take off , one TnG followed by flight to another airport reaching min of FL180 before descending. You will check that the trainee follows procedures as per the Qantas Operating and Training Manuals including filing a flight plan and use of ATC / Unicom where available.

About You:
We are looking for someone who has experience flying the Infinite Flight Dash 8 Q400, has annual live subscription and can dedicate 1hr a week to conduct test flights. You have been a member of Qantas Virtual IF for a little while and you wish to get more experience and responsibility.

Requirements :
Min age 13
Annual Live Subscription
Min Qantas Hours flown 3hrs
Min XP 25000
Min live hours flown 20
Min IF Grade 3

If you meet the requirements, or are working on the requirements and are interested in this role then Send screen shot showing your XP/IF Grade with your application as well as your region you live in ( in order to help with scheduling), follow the link below:

Happy Landings!


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Well. I don’t blame you, they seem to have the right thing going for them. Check out our website when the big update is revealed, it’s going to look fabulous

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I included it in our news section on the thread :)

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Snapshots of our latest event our now being displayed in the main post :)