Qantas Virtual Flight QF1-B - Clouds everywhere

1) Background to the photos
QF1-B, the second leg of a flight that connects Sydney to London, took off from Darwin International Airport for its final destination London Heathrow. Early on in the 16-hour flight, Captain Charles B, retreated to his bunker for a scheduled rest during cruise, allowing IF-Assistant’s First Officer Jan to monitor the flight. The scheduled rest ended as QF1-B crossed India at sunrise and entered Pakistan. Flying past Islamabad, the captain reentered his cockpit and was greeted with never-before-seen views of the IF skies: clouds everywhere, and it was a sight to behold. Amazed by the views, mid-flight shots are taken from multiple angles during the Islamabad phase of the flight. Such views made the Darwin - London flight an unforgettable trip for the pilots and passengers.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert server

3) Photos
Somewhere over Islamabad

Terrain visibility starting to improve

Tower barely able to see the aircraft through the low-lying clouds and fog.

Of course, QF1-B safely landed in Heathrow, and parked at its designated gate in Terminal 3


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