(Qantas Virtual And Virgin Virtual Group Sponsoring!) (2 Months Away!) (29 Attending!) Melbourne Airport Massive Flyout! @YMML-140000ZAPR19


Air new zealand


Alright @HSBC! You have D-11 as it is a bigger gate.

I’ll remove you from the Standby list.


Sure thanks!


Can I please have gate B24 737


D06 for Jetstar 787-8 to KLAX! JQ does not operate flights to KLAX in the real world, but lets treat it as an inaugural flight :D


Sure! See you there!

You’ve got it! See you there!


Introducing Realisim!

Thanks to those that have signed up for this event. Most of you have picked a route that is realistic and that actually exists. However, some of you have picked a route that does not exist or is not operated by an airline. I’d like to kindly ask that the following people please choose an alternate destination.


Also, I have a question for @joslleymiguel_holand. I have you down as flying an A380 to London. Are you going to be stopping to refuel in Singapore, then continue on to London?

If you are going direct, I kindly ask that you change your routing to go via WSSS to make things more realistic.


in fact that was my plan, to make a stop at WSSS and then continue, that’s why I started this route, just to make everything very realistic


Good to know. You are all set!


Any way you could fit me in going to YPPH with a Qantas B787-9?


Lets change it to Qantas 787-9 to KLAX :)


I can fit you in at D-07 if you would like?


Got it.


Sounds perfect! Right next to JR too!


I’ll take the Air NZ A320 to Wellington, looking forward to it!


Sure! You have D-04.

See you there!


Could I have a gate to London via Perth in the 787-9 Qantas Dreamliner please :)


Sure! You have D-13. See you there!


3 International Gates Remain!

Grab one before they are all gone!


Let’s get some low cost into this event!

We have plenty of gates available for both Jetstar and Tigerair. Let’s fill them up!