(Qantas Virtual And Virgin Virtual Group Sponsoring!) (2 Months Away!) (29 Attending!) Melbourne Airport Massive Flyout! @YMML-140000ZAPR19



Melbourne Airport Massive Flyout!

Welcome to a huge Melbourne flyout!
Melbourne airport has a huge variety of airlines, ranging from small regional airlines to huge international airlines! Lets fill up Melbourne airport!

The Important Info

Server: Expert

Airport: YMML

Time: 2019-04-14T00:00:00Z


  • Act in a professional manner

  • Use Unicom if ATC is not available

  • Take lots of screenshots!

  • Have fun!

Air Traffic Control ATC%20Icon%202

Regarding ATC, if we get enough people, I am hoping to get this event included on the 8-14 April 2019 ATC Schedule. So, let’s fill up this event!

Requesting a gate request

If you would like a gate, leave below:

  • Gate

  • Airline

  • Aircraft

  • Destination (ICAO CODE)

Gates Plane%20icon

Terminal 1/ B Gates

B 21- Qantas_tail @Captain_Khalil/787-9/YSSY
B-22- Qantas_tail @Igamer/737-800/YPDN
B-23- Qantas_tail @Chris_Hosford/A330
B-24- Qantas_tail @Bne.aviation/737-800
B-25- Qantas_tail Q400
B-26- Qantas_tail 717-200/Q400
B-27- Qantas_tail Q400
B-28- Qantas_tail Q400
B-29- Qantas_tail Q400
B-30- Qantas_tail Q400

Terminal 1/ C Gates

C-01- Qantas_tail @Josh/737-800/YBCS
C-02- Qantas_tail @sam2875/737-800/YBCS
C-03- Qantas_tail @JamesQFA380/737-800/YSSY
C-04- Qantas_tail @Declan_O/737-800/YBBN
C-06- Qantas_tail @TheRealPocketRishi/YBAS/737-800
C-07- Qantas_tail @Panther/737-800/YBBN
C-08- Qantas_tail 737-800
C-09- Qantas_tail 737-800
C-10- Qantas_tail @LachyRobertson/737-800/YSCB
C-11- Qantas_tail A330
C-12- Qantas_tail A330/737-800

Terminal 2/ D Gates (FULL)

D-03- @Matthew/Air New Zealand/A320/NZWN
D-04- @TheCoolPilot/Air New Zealand/A320/NZWN
D-06- @nxllson/Qantas/787-9/KLAX
D-08- @Aviation_Alex/Virgin Australia/77W/KLAX
D-12- @Oli_H/Qantas/787-9/VHHH
D-16- @8SmartFlying/Cathay Pacific/77W/VHHH
D-18- @IconicUndead230/Singapore/77W/WSSS
D-20- @AviationGaming/77W/KLAX
D-10- @joslleymiguel_holand/A380/WSSS-EGLL
D-11- @HSBC/Air New Zealand/77W/NCRG
D-07- @Joseph007/Qantas/787-9/YPPH
D-05- @Captain_JR/Air Canada/787-9/CYVR
D-13- @Luke_M/Qantas/787-9/YPPH-EGLL
D-15- @JeromeJ/Jetstar/787-9/PHNL
D-17- @savavalentin86/JAL/787/RJAA
D-19- @ItzAviaUk/Garuda Indonesia/77W/WIII

Terminal 3/ E Gates

E-01- VA @joshua_latina/737-800/YSSY
E-02- VA Reserved Virgin Virtual Group
E-03- VA @MJhendo/737-800/YMIA
E-04- VAReserved Virgin Virtual Group
E-05- VA @AviationMad/737-800/YMIA
E-06- VAReserved Virgin Virtual Group
E-07- VA @WestJet737767/737-800/YPPH
E-08- VAReserved Virgin Virtual Group
E-09- VA 737-800
E-10- VAReserved Virgin Virtual Group

Terminal 4/ F Gates

F-11- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320
F-12- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320
F-13- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320
F-14- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320
F-15- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320
F-16- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320
F-17- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320
F-18- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320
F-19- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320
F-20- tiger_airways_tail A319/A320

Terminal 4/ G Gates

G-41- Jetstar_tail A320/A321
G-42- Jetstar_tail A320/A321
G-43- Jetstar_tail A320/A321
G-44- Jetstar_tail A320/A321
G-45- Jetstar_tail A320/A321
G-46- Jetstar_tail A320/A321
G-48- Jetstar_tail A320/A321
G-49- Jetstar_tail A320/A321
G-51- Jetstar_tail A320-A321
G-52- Jetstar_tail A320/A321

Cargo/ H Gates

H-01- Cargo
H-02- Cargo
H-03- Cargo

Corporate Gates/ F Gates

F-25- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-25A- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-25E- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-25D- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-25G- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-25H- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-25C- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-26C- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-26F- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-26H- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-26B- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-26E- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-26D- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-26A- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)
F-26- Corporate (Aircraft No Larger than Citation X)

Routes route%20icon

Here are some suggested routes for each terminal.

Terminal 1

YMML-YSSY 737-800
YMML-YSCB 717-200
YMML-YPDN 737-800

Terminal 2

YMML-KLAX Qantas A380
YMML-YPPH-EGLL Qantas 787-9
YMML-VHHH Cathay Pacific A330/777-300ER
YMML-WADD Malindo 737-900
YMML-NZWN Air New Zealand A320

Terminal 3

YMML-YMIA 737-800
YMML-YBBN 737-800
YMML-YBSU 737-800
YMML-YPAD 737-800

Terminal 4/Tigerair


Terminal 4/Jetstar


You do not have to fly these routes, they are just suggestions. If you want to choose a different route, click here or here.

Standby List time

The Standby List is for those that want to attend, but cannot confirm with me as of now. If you want to go on the standby list, you need to provide me with the following details:

  • Destination

  • Terminal

  • Airline

Standby List

Qantas Virtual

Gate Charts chart%20icon

Before deciding on your gate, take a look at these charts. They will help you choose the right gate for the right aircraft.



Extra stuff plus%202

Want a list of Airlines? Click here.

If you need a flight plan, I recommend using https://fpltoif.com/.

Watch those Violations!

I hope to see you there!



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I knew I couldn’t resist an event at my home airport! Can I please have Gate C-04, Qantas 737-800 to YBBN!


Sure thing! You have gate C-04. See you there!


Very Nice! I’ll take gate D-10 in a Qantas B789 to Hong Kong!


Sure thing! You have gate D-10. See you there!


D-20 please, YMML - KLAX callsign DLH005. (Codeshare route)


Sure thing! What aircraft will you be flying?


77W. Thanks!


Got you down! See you there!


I will take a gate

A380 to London EGLL


I’m gonna give you D-10 as D-3 is a small gate. See you there!


Awesome event. Could I fly a Virgin Australia 77W to KLAX? I will be representing for Alaska Virtual. (This is a codeshare route for the VA). My callsign is ASVA052. Thanks!


Sure thing! You have D-16. See you there!


Hi there, Im request gate D04 , in a Singapore 777 flying to WSSS


Air Canada, 787-9 to CYVR, thanks :)


I’m going to give you D-18. See you there!


thanks …


Okay thank you!


Sure thing! See you there!


Qantas Virtual is happy to announce we will be sponsoring this event in hopes we can get an awesome turnout!

Thank you @AviationMad for letting us attend

Find out more information on Qantas Virtual by clicking the link below: