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Just an FYI for those wondering about the website: I contacted the domain host and had their account suspended. The previous topic was deleted at my request as their website was hosting inappropriate & illegal content. The owner of the site was notified by the domain host, but for the time being you won’t be able to access their site.



Cleared what up? The “hackers” page that was displaying when you went to the URL was removed, but the index of the site was hosting a load of child pornographic images. Trust me, it wasn’t cleared up last night lol.


Which someone should have done last night, but didn’t. So it wasn’t “cleared up”. This isn’t rocket science logic lol.


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Everybody knew about it last night. @Danny and @QantasVirtualAirways were notified ASAP and they are doing something about it.


Whatever they were doing, it didn’t get done.


Nah, just that page had been (i.e. /index.php/pirep/…). When you navigated to the normal URL it showed you the index of the domain, which is where the images were.


Irrelevant - there was clearly illegal and disgusting content visible for the world to see, which hadn’t been removed - that’s step number two when dealing with a breach. The first step is to take the whole thing offline. You failed both and someone else had to arrange it for you. You’re welcome.


This forum is for Infinite Flight discussions unless explicitly mentioned in the category description. Not deleting the topic but let’s move on at this point since it doesn’t seem this will go anywhere productive.