Qantas Unveils New Premium Economy Seat

Qantas unveiled a new Premium economy seat for their 787’s. This happen later on today. Alan Joyce said to the AUSBT “Its gonna be revolutionary”

More info to come

They are in a 2-2-2 layout


Modern and nice, wouldn’t call it “revolutionary” though


Looks like there is less legroom now.


It seems it will be more wider than other PEs from another airlines (as some airlines such as AC uses 2-3-2 Configuration)

And QF will be using 2-3-2 as well.

Hey I think I would like it more than southwest’s seats, but I’m not going to Australia anytime soon so I’m sticking with my boy southwest

Nice they should’ve done this a long time ago. Gives people more options.

Hopefully they do Melbourne - Dallas route soon.
I’ll definitely jump on the premium economy when they do.

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Looks really squashed. Barely any leg room by the looks of it. Seat design looks nice though.

still does not beat air new zealand premium economy sorry

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Sure, that’s what ANZ is good at but Qantas excels at customer service. And Jetstar has the cheapest fares for miles around.

air new zealand has great customer service but i still think Qantas is a good airline best 2 airlines in the world :)

Is that really Economy class? That’s Iran’s business class. Even some airlines’s first class.

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premium economy is quite a bit more expensive then economy

Yes I know. It’s called “Premium” for a reason. But Premium economy isn’t as good as Business/first

depends on what airlines you are comparing for example air new zealand/qantas premium economy is just as good as some airlines business class

And the worst airline

They have the cheapest fares available. If they weren’t around there would be no way to travel very cheaply around Australia. With my 6+ flights with Jetstar there was maximum 30 minutes delays and the rest of the flight was efficient.

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