Qantas Turns 100 Years Old

Today, Qantas is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

100 years ago on November 16, 1920, Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services (QANTAS) was founded by Hudson Fysh, Paul McGinness, and Fergus McMaster.

Qantas initially transported mail within Australia and began passenger services to Singapore in the 1930s. Qantas gradually transitioned to an all-Boeing 747 fleet decades later and founded its low-cost subsidiary Jetstar in 2004.

This past decade has illustrated Qantas’ ambitious and successful expansion plans by taking advantage of the latest advancements in aircraft engineering and technology:

  • Qantas held the record of “the world’s longest flight” for over three years with its nonstop Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth service.

  • In March 2018, Qantas connected Australia with the United Kingdom using a historic nonstop flight from Perth to London on the 787-9.

  • In late-2019, Qantas completed three Project Sunrise Test Flights by operating nonstop experimental flights from London and New York City to Sydney.

  • In December 2019, Qantas announced intentions to order modified Airbus A350-1000s to serve its Project Sunrise routes.

Although COVID-19 has put a pause on Qantas’ expansion plans to Chicago and Project Sunrise flights to New York and Sydney, the airline is still looking towards the future with potential new destinations with travel bubbles.

Here’s one of Qantas’ new 100-year celebration videos:

Qantas is officially now the third airline to surpass 100 years since being founded following KLM and Avianca.

Because of COVID-19, celebrations have been minimized, but Qantas is planning a low-level flyover of Sydney Harbour on the evening of its anniversary (today). The flight path is expected to pass near Rose Bay where our Empire Flying Boats took off for Singapore between 1938 and 1942.

This flyover is likely going to be operated with VH-ZNJ, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with Qantas’ Centenary livery. This aircraft was grounded on April 23 but was ferried from Brisbane to Sydney two days ago.

Qantas Press Release/Image Credits

Press Release:

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Congratulations to Qantas!


I legit never knew this 👀

Thanks for the cool history and happy birthday Qantas!


You forgot BA, i know BA has had different names but still techinically counts as passing 100 yrs



Case closed


Case not necessarily closed and it depends on how you look at it but it wouldn’t be all that wrong to say that British Airways has its origins and roots from 100 years back. Surely the airline we know as today, the British Airways naming, itself isn’t 100 years but throughout the decades passed, in a way or another, through name changes and so on, the BAW we know today, does go back, all the way to 1919.

But once again, it’s isn’t wrong to say that British Airways today, the name, the brand, the airline we know of, isn’t 100 years, it can still be considered as such if we look back at history and do allow ourselves to accept and understand the happening of the various brand-and-holding company name changes and reforms that British Airways went through, since 1919, before becoming the one major airline we know it as today, since they did celebrate 100 years in 2019.

And one could say that today’s BAW is the evolution and the great grandchild in some way, of what once began as AT&T, to become British Airways.


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Looks like the flyover this evening will have something special

Qantas: Haha! I have turned 100!
British Airways:

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I never knew this - guess you learn new things every day :)

Congratulations, Qantas! This is the third oldest airline to celebrate the 100th Anniversary after KLM and Avianca.

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