Qantas to suspend all China flights until late March

Qantas, the giant kangaroo tail that you might see at international airports every so often. The airline is Australia’s flagship and one of the island nations most iconic brands. However, you won’t be seeing the roo in China in about 9 days after the airline has chosen to suspend all flights between China and Australia due to logistical challenges.

Qantas currently operates two daily mainland China services with those routes being Sydney to Shanghai and Sydney to Beijing, both being served by A330’s. These flights will continue until February 9 when the suspension will begin its effect, the suspension will last until March 29 when both direct flights will resume. Qantas cities “Impact of international travel bans on crew logistics across a broader network” as the reason, which is due to the deadly Coronavirus. The suspensions will not affect Qantas’s daily A380 flights between Sydney and Hong Kong.

All of this comes after evacuation flights from Wuhan to both the U.S and U.K in the recent days while Qantas filies B747 from Wuhan to Christmas Island and while other more “international” airlines suspend flights

The wing view from a Qantas A330, image: myself


I’m honestly not too surprised. After all it is a global health crisis and most other airlines have done about the same

Ye,many airlines suspend flights to China. These days are the most important. I believe we will be better. Fighting China 🇨🇳 Fighting the world!

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