Qantas to Operate Three B744 "Joy Flights"

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With Qantas’ final Boeing 747 about to make its final departure from Sydney airport, Qantas has announced they will operate three “Jumbo Joy Flights” from Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

These flights will take place on the following days:

Sydney - Monday July 13
Brisbane - Wednesday July 15
Canberra - Friday July 17

How much will it cost?

Qantas has said that most of the money will be going to the HARS Museum in Wollongong, and the Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach. The prices for both Business Class, and Economy can be found below:

Business Class: $747
Economy Class: $400

What’s included?

The flights will have a restricted meal service, due to COVID-19 health and safety restrictions, and an hour long senic flight will also be included. Your arrivial airport will be the same as your departure (for example: Sydney to Sydney, or Canberra to Canberra).

When do these flights go live?

The flights will go on sale on July 7th. These flights are expected to be fully booked, and will sell out fast. There currently isn’t a known departure time for any of the flights.

For more information, and credit, you can click the link below:

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For those who are wondering, you might want to know how these flights are allowed to operate…

Currently, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland (where these flights will depart, and land) have very little to no daily Coronavirus cases, and have very little (not exceeding 100) active cases. Masks are not required, and Qantas is not enforcing social distancing while on the plane. Qantas has allowed two days between each flight to completely deep clean the aircraft, ahead of each flight.

You can find more information on what Qantas is doing to help contain COVID19 by following the link below:

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Thanks for this Info Adam! :)


I’ve seen that. But this thread goes into more detail.

If you actually read over the thread, you’ll see his “update” as a comment, with little info in the actual thread itself. I guess that’s why this topic was approved.

Maybe put a little more effort into a comment which is just giving a nudge to an apparent duplicate. :)

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That’s a good last smart move by Qantas :)


Absolutely! Was quite surprised at the pricing, gives a bit of humor to the whole thing.


At least the aircraft will get some kind of sendoff, even though it isn’t the retirement Qantas had planned.

I would love to go on the Sydney flight (it being school holidays here), but $400 is quite expensive for an hour-long joyflight…

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I most definitely agree. But it all goes to a great cause!

I will try to get on one of them… Hopefully anyway.

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Jokes aside amazing idea by Qantas I wish I was in Australia to try flying the 747.


Yeah, Qantas sure it giving the 747 somewhat of a sendoff.

As a sidenote:

The Qantas Boeing 747 was the first airline and aircraft to have Business Class… Talk about innovation!

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Qantas has just announced these joy flights on their news room. If you want to read the specifics, click the link below:

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