Qantas to Open New Route Connecting America

Today, Qantas has announced a new route between the US and Australia. This new route will be a new destination for Qantas, Chicago. They announced via their Instagram that Qantas will fly a 787-9 from Brisbane to Chicago, and the new route is pending approval from US authorities

Qantas predicts this route will be launched in April of 2020, and this route will be the second nonstop route connecting Oceania and Chicago. The first, of course, is Air New Zealand’s Auckland to Chicago route!

As a Chicagoan, I think this will help connect Chicago to Oceania, as that market is much to be desired in Chicago. I know many friends, and myself included, want to visit Oceania at some point!



More heavies for me now 😁😁 They have also have announced an SFO route planned…

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Glad to see they went through with this. They were talking about Seattle or Chicago but it should have been expected they would go to a financial hub like Chicago instead of a small city like Seattle.

Though when I’ve done this flight, flying to Chicago is easy but the winds can make the return flight an iffy on having enough fuel

I would assume they used the KJFK-KLAX-YSSY route as a basis on their research into the capabilities of the 787 into America.

They should fly to New Orleans

They announced San Francisco and Chicago to Brisbane in early June (around the 4th), but that was just a plan.

Glad to see this go through! On the other hand, I’m quite sad that they will end their San Francisco to Sydney route with the 744 though (Sydney to San Francisco is the last 744 destination served by the airline in mainland U.S.A.)

@Big_Elijah Would be great, but KMSY should be more worried about getting more than four international routes (maybe more gates) before having a route to Brisbane (or anywhere in Australia for that matter). New Orleans is just too small of an airport. That’s why Dallas or Houston would be a better option for Qantas expanding to the United States.

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Or the Auckland to Chicago route (although this would of course be longer)

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I doubt ANZ would share research data with one of their biggest rivals, especially if their rival is looking into a market they have a monopoly in.

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Glad to see Qantas expanding! I really like the choice of Chicago, I’ve wanted to see it happen for a while.

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Impressed how far the 787 can go! They should fly into SDF too though. I’m sure there’s some demand there. Right @Delta319?

You’d probably find some demand, but not much. Qantas probably chose ORD because this is a very big AA hub, and this is also quite a big city economically.

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That was just a replacement for the 747s at LAX that used to do the flights from SYD-LAX-JFK.

It was only a matter of time before this happened. This is probably the 8th or so ULH flight to start in the recent months – two of which that connect Australasia and America which was once a pipe dream only a few years ago.

The globe doesn’t seem so huge after all.

Yeah, I know, but I’m referring to the fuel economy of the 787, and they could probably use data from the flight to JFK to see how much fuel is burned, how popular this market is, etc.

Yes! This was one of the main reasons as they recently announced a new joint venture partnership with the airline and are already a part of Oneworld.

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