Qantas to launch Perth London Non stop

Qantas has announced its first long haul route which is a long route. The new Qantas Dreamliner will go from Perth all the way to London Heathrow non stop.

Qantas announced the route a few hours ago and yet its still not the longest route. With Qatar’s Doha Auckland route being only 20 miles longer.



More info to come


Wow, that’s a super long flight. How many pounds of peanuts I wonder?


I knew this was in the pipeline, but how did they get around the problem with the route? Apparently their route was over where the MH-17 got shot down.


Apparently it is now the longest route from what I heard on the news.

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That kind of thing varies with each flight

When the Malaysia MH17 got shot down the same route a few hours before was used by British Airways and Singapore airlines and os it could have been those airlines that had their planes shot down. however no there seems to be no problems now so I’m sure they can fly over their again just at a higher altitude

If you go point to point (direct) it is 20 miles longer. It does however varies in flight.


Yes please I’d love about 17482 bouts of cramp in economy…

This route was coming but its surprising that BA didnt start tgis direct route first. Theyve been planning on it.

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