Qantas to inspect 737’s over crack in wings.

Sam Chui has a article that you can read here Qantas to Inspect 33 Boeing 737-800s After Finding Cracks -

Basically qantas found cracks in the wings of one of there 85 Boeing 737’s and now they are having to inspect others to check for cracks on the wings.

Let me know what you think about this issue.

This is not an ad for Sam chui but this is me Simply spreading aviation news to the IFC community

Hi there. Not be a bum but there is already a thread regarding this subject.

You can take a look and add on more information here:

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This is thread is regarding qantas and there 737’s if you want to discuss pm @Hamza.N

No need for a post for a specific airline when there’s already one covering the entire model :)