Qantas thinking about 777X for SYD-JFK Route

Qantas is thinking about phasing it’s A380 aircraft and purchasing the 777X as a replacement. One of the routes would be non stop from Sydney to New York. Read the story below:

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They could fly non-stop and eliminate the 747 stop in L.A.

That’s what they’re planning to do. They’re going to replace their A380 fleet (potentially) and consider the upcoming 777X. It will fly Non-stop from Sydney to New York.

I think It’s a good idea! 👍

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This is about 7 years in the future. The 747’s will be retired in the next 5 years, and potentially the 777X will be the A380’s replacement.

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777X would be better, then all of long routes with A380 or B747 are most of Economy very clear. My first flight with my class to USA was B747 Economy was only own, only First class and Business class are full. I think in the season"high summer" would be better, more tickets request on A380 or B747 to USA. 👍🏼

I can definitely see the need to have the 777x as a subfleet, but as a 1 for 1 replacement for the A380 would seem unwise.
The A380 once paid for (presuming they mortgage them like BA does with it’s 747s) would be a competitive aircraft to operate once it’s all paid off.

The question is oil. Is sub $50 oil here to stay, or are we seeing a blip and $85ish the right price? The new planes may burn 25% less fuel, but if fuel is 30% below predictions long term, is it worth buying expensive new planes, or keep older ones flying longer.

And would the plane rotate constantly between Sydney and New York, or Follow a more circular Sydney - New York - London - Dubai - Sydney rotation eastbound, and another plane doing the same westbound.
If they did that and got the timings right, the aircraft utilisation would be insane.

Ahh… Possibly could see it happening, but profitability is a completely different animal than feasibility…

Yes, those 747 need to go, it’s sad to say, but the queen of the sky is starting to become dull and show its age, this 777X would be greatly beneficial for Qantas, particularly on these long routes!

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Does anyone know if the A380 aircraft are leased that could explain the reason for Phasing them out as they could hand them back to the lessor

NO!!! Don’t get rid of the 380!!

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