Qantas, Sydney to Perth flight review

So recently I flew Sydney to Perth on QF565 operated by a A330-200. That was my first flight on a Qantas A330 and just thought I might share some of my thoughts of some of the aspects of my transcontinental flight

Check in: Check in was very good and organised. They have the do it yourself bag drop at T3 in Sydney, so just print your bag tags and put it on the scales and off it goes

Boarding: Boarding was quite slow, the whole process involved awkwardly standing in the aerobridge for nearly 10 minutes just to get on the aircraft

Comfort: The seat was quite comfortable, probably the best I’ve sat in domestically, it was a 5 hour flight so a comfy seat was quite. Legroom was again probably the best I’ve experienced on a domestic flight (quite good considering I’m 6ft 2)

Entertainment: Qantas does it quite nicely, unlike Virgin (or any other Australian domestic carriers in fact) you are given compliantly use of an iPad mini for the flight, this has an average (nothing too special) collection of Music, Movies, TV shows and Audio books. There is an iPad holder on the seat back which is adjustable so you can easily watch movies and TV without needed to physically hold the iPad. Qantas offers complimentry headphones (not the best but they where adequate). There is 1 USB plug to charge your devices or the iPad (which was at 100% at the start of the flight). Qantas also offers a magazine in the seat pocket

Service: Service on this flight was done quite well. Breakfast was served efficiency but nicely. They also gave you a snack at the back end of the flight

Food: Breakfest was not good, not good at all, baked beans with a awful looking hash brown and the Omlete looked horrible, bearly touched it. The snack at the back end of the flight also looked horrible so bearly touched that either

The aircraft and the flight itself: Bearly any bumps, aircraft was reasonably quiet, 5 hours is long but it was no problem in Qantas economy

Overall: Good flight but the food really disappointed me. Service and entertainment where on par with what I expected. Comfort really surprised me in a good way, the flight itself was a good one with bearly any bumps, best flight domestically i have experienced


Are you sure that’s an omelette?


I still have no idea what it is, looks like mush, I assumed it was an omelette


THB I would still eat it ;)

Nice review Louis! Very detailed. I’m amazed that Qantas gave out mini iPads for the whole flight!


Some people take way to long to put their storage in there over head lockers and to put their luggage underneath their seats.


I think I should do something like this for SAA. Give you Aussies a run for your money!


Don’t know if you can post that food pic on here, keep it PG, no graphic content 😂 well formatted review, never been in an a330

3rd time. I can bearly handle it.

(It’s spelled Barely ) ;)


Wrong ‘whole’ ;) 😁😁😁


Nice review, food doesn’t look bad for an airline meal. Maybe your standards are too high? 😉

Lol I wrote this at 3:30 in the morning so my grammar wasn’t the best 😂


Lovely review Louis! The food looks dissapointing though. But I think it’s a pretty good option to fly with Qantas ❤

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You missed the fourth ‘bearly’


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