Qantas starts routes to Melbourne from San Francisco!

Starting on September 1st 2018 Qantas will begin routes to San Francisco via Melbourne. They will use their 787-9. QF49 will depart MEL at 9:40 PM and arrive at 7:00PM.

Go to for mor details.


This is awesome stuff! Putting those dreamliners to use, eh Qantas?

KSFO-YMML! That is nice! Now they just need to fly to KSJC XD


I’ll fly this route on Friday, after FNF of course

Not forgetting of course that the 787 will start flying the Brisbane to Los Angeles route on the same day

Great, anouther super long haul to add to the to-do list. Qantas Virtual will have to look to add this as an event in the near future @BenW and @Darren_QFA0333

Gotta love it ;)

But serious really cool and I hope I can try Qantas their services! I think Its great to fly with them 🙂

so great. i freakin love those 787s!

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