Qantas special liveries should be added in game?

  • Who wants the 100 years qantas livery for the B789 in infite flight
  • Who wants the yam dreaming qantas livery for the B789 in infite flight
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who recons we should have these liveries in the game? who recons thay should be added?

who thinks we should?

See the features category rules regarding special liveries - in short - requests for them aren’t allowed.

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this is just a suggestion but thanks for that is the 100 years a chance that it will make its way into the sim?

There’s always a chance - however given we have the updated Qantas regular livery on the 787 now - its probably unlikely.

ok understood do you think tho that they should add the 2008 qantas B737 livery for the B737 with the new livery that way we can live through qantas history?