Qantas signs up for A321 passenger to freighter conversion

Qantas has signed up for 3 A321 P2F (Passenger to freighter) converted aircrafts. These will operate for QantasFreight. The first aircraft is expected to arrive in October 2020.


Hmm… Why the a321?

Well, that’s interesting. Never saw an Airbus A321 Freighter before.


That’s… interesting. This would be the first A321F, right?


I think so, I dont think Airbus makes those really. It wouldn’t be too much of a challenge though.

Wouldn’t this be the first a320 family aircraft converted to cargo?


Huh…very interesting


This looks weird. 😂

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Well isn’t it always a great day when my favourite airline (guess why) gets a new aircraft/conversion.

My Name has Qantas in it that’s why


I would be on board if Qantas switched from the 737 family to the a320 family for their main single isle jets. But as a freighter? Would it really be the much more costy to just buy a larger 767F instead?

Hold up. That looks like a neo.
Is that an Airbus A321NEO(F)?
That’s another first.

An A321 as a freighter makes me uncomfortable 😂 it’s so weird lol.

Interesting move from Qantas.


I would assume so or the fact that they don’t need that big of a plane.

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What do passenger airlines use their cargo planes for anyways? (Korean, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, etc.) I never knew!

Well than they should buy the 737F, like the ones FedEx has. They already have their pilots trained to the 737s

I don’t think that’s a NEO.

I’ve took a quick look at the article and read this:

Qantas said the A321P2F would be able to carry nine more tonnes of freight compared with its existing 737 freighters, which represented about 50 per cent more capacity.

50% is gonna make a huge difference.

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Heres some more information regarding this unique aircraft type:




You know what also looks interesting? It has NEO-ish engines and CEO wing fences!

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This is gonna be the same thing as the A380F. Speculation, orders, and never happening. Although I could be completely wrong. I do love Airbus more than Boeing, however for cargo, I would get an A330F or some 767F’s