Qantas Selects The A350-1000XWB For Project Sunrise & Adds Frankfurt To The List


Looks like they really are proceeding with the routes!

1. Qantas has selected the A350-1000XWB for its Sydney to New York & London flights:

  • Airbus A350 selected as preferred aircraft (no order placed)
  • Deadline for confirming delivery slots extended by one month
  • Regulatory support for ultra long haul routes, pending formal application
  • Discussions with pilots ongoing
  • No orders have been placed but Qantas will work closely with Airbus to prepare contract terms for up to 12 aircraft ahead of a final decision by the Qantas Board.

Most importantly:

Qantas is today announcing several important developments for Project Sunrise ahead of a final go/no go decision, which will now take place in March 2020.

Congratulations to Airbus and Qantas! Hopefully this will go through with all the regulations.

2. Qantas Adds Frankfurt To The Project Sunrise List:

  • Per Executive Traveler, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce told them Frankfurt is on Project Sunrise’s short list along with London and Paris.


All three routes are just over 10,000 mi.


Wow this is one of the biggest aviation stories of the year! This is a big blow to Boeing who are really struggling with their 777X program.


I’m like so excited to see this! I am definitely driving almost 2 hours to see this beaut fly into JFK in the future!


I think the right choice has been made

I’m also super excited to see Qantas’ livery on the A350! Hopefully they will do a great special livery on one or two of them

Yikes bad NY traffic 😬


yeah thats why it takes 2 hours just to get their lol

Deleting these posts as you’re only looking to cause trouble.


I disagree with Qantas’ decision to choose the Airbus A350 for their Project Sunrise flights. To me, Boeing’s deal was a lot better, and would have started the flights a lot quicker.

But, I’m not Qantas, and I don’t know what’s gone on behind the scenes, so, I guess I’ve just got to deal with it…

But hey! At least they’ve finally come to a decision…

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Yes yes yes and yes!! I am so excited that Qantas chose the 1000XWB. The A350 will look so good in the Qantas livery too.

Started the flights a lot quicker? How?
The plane wasn’t released yet.

In my opinion I think the Dreamliner was perfect for this big loss for Boeing.

Boeing was offering Qantas buys the 777X’s, and gets 777-200LR’s while the 777X development continues… These B772’s would have been delivered by the end of next year… and, as these 777X’s were ready, Qantas could either keep the B772’s free of charge, or have them go to FedEx.

Oh wow that’s a big shock! Wishing they would’ve gone for the 777X but the A350 suits Qantas well.

This has been a super rough year for Boeing. I feel like they just can’t catch a break. But seeing a Qantas A350-1000 is pretty cool!

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But they don’t have the modern technology the A350’s or the B787’s have as they are older.
Plus don’t they have a worse fuel consumption compared to the A350 or B787?

No, the 777-200LR’s could make both trips, without any extra fuel tanks as would the 777X, and loosing a few rows of seating, which would still fit with Qantas’ target for passenger amount… The A350 will need an extra fuel tank…

Well I mean they have the A350ULR…

The decision was inevitable when QF continued to drop their payload weight requirements. Lower payload weights will favour the lighter A35K.

They don’t need the 777-8X’s structural weight to carry around ~200 passengers and their bags. Their delivery timeline is also doubtful as Boeing has “mothballed” development of the LR variant of the 777X per reporting from The Air Current.

There isn’t enough space in the B789 to accommodate the amenities they wanted, and I suspect it will be a little deficient for the payload.

The 77L may work but carries around more structural weight per seat compared to the A350, offers less space in the cabin, and burns ~30% more fuel than the A35K, it’s just not feasible.

Throw in all of those factors, and we end up with the A350-1000 being the logical choice for QF.


This isn’t the type being considered by Qantas.

I mean not what I was thinking but thanks for the explanation @Danman