Qantas Retro Roo II 737-800

The Qantas retro roo 2 (apparently its 2) was brought out a few years back and I love this livery I think it should be Qantas currenr livery its so good. Seeing this in Infinire flight would be pretty awsome.
(Pic from google)

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So is this an old livery before the red kangaroo tail came into play?

It’s one of the older liveries of Qantas,and this is a retro livery.

I fantasise that this is the plane I will be flying when I leave for Melbourne in a few days time. If I had the votes, I’d spare one. But this definitely is on the watch list.

This particular plane was painted by Flying Colours Aviation in Townsville not too long ago.

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Yes, This livery was originally used on the 707’s they had from 1959-1961. Here is an articale about it if you want to read it.

Anyway, This livery would look amazing in IF, hope it comes out when the 737 is updated next.


I heard something about a Qantas retro livery and I hope we can say that this is the one. Over Retro Roo I, Retro Roo II is my favourite due to it being painted at my home airport. Just to think some lucky locals got to paint this 737 in a spectacular livery makes me happy and jealous at the same time. I’m gonna pray this is the one. 🤞