Qantas releases results on inflight wifi test

Qantas has received encouraging signs from its first wifi test as the service gets closer to being on your next flight. Qantas said the flight took place “a few days ago”. 140 passengers were onboard the 3-hour flight and they experienced a typical download of between 7 and 12 megabits per second per device. The typical number of megabits required to stream movies is only 1.5 per second, meaning the onboard wifi could easily stream movies. Qantas is looking to make a few final adjustments to the service provided by ViaSat’s global satellite network and the NBN’s Sky Munster satellites. Qantas plans to roll out the service on its domestic network with it’s 737’s and A330’s getting fitted with the service from mid-2017. The service will be free of charge to customers. Customers will also be offered free Foxtel during the flight and 3 days afterward as well as Netflix and Spotify free for a month if customers subscribe to their services. Qantas is also considering expanding the service to cover all of it’s network. Exciting times. image
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Well, that’s quite impressive. Wonder how Etihad will do at this sort of thing.

Omg, damn, thats pretty good.


Could I use inflight WiFi to play online Xbox games lag free?


This is the first step toward an intergrayed aviation and entertainment market. Love it 👍

That’s some pretty high end WiFi considering the speed and how many people were using the WiFi on the aircraft. I want to go and measure the WiFi speed everytime I fly on ain’t aircraft with wifi now.

Yay, hopefully they decide to release Spotify, Netflix and Foxtel on the IFE screens for international flights too. Can’t wait for the free wifi across the fleet. Hopefully we will be able to play Infinite Flight Live on the plane 👍
@Xpheros check this topic out:

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