Qantas Regional Flight Fun! @ YSSY - 282000ZJUL16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY

Time: 2000Z - 2100/28 LONDON & 1300/28 LAX & 0600/29 SYDNEY

Aircraft B717 / D8Q400 / A320 / A321

NOTAM: Regional Flight Fun around Sydney

Start at YSSY TERMINAL 2 and we will fly down to YSCB for a touch and go followed by return via Overhead at YORG back to YSSY, making use of parallel landing if weather conditions are right!

FL240 / IAS 305KTS for the B717 & D8Q400
FL280 / IAS 300 KTS for A320 & A321

All welcome to come and join in!


I’ll be there.


I’ll come but which date is it on

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28th July at 2000 hrs Zulu

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Sounds good mate :D 😁

@Flying_Luc and @NatIsrael972 be great to see some guys from Air New Zealand and IFSIAVA attend, either in own aircraft or you can ‘borrow’ one in QVA livery!


Sounds good. Thanks the event is today?

no event is tomorrow on the 28th… at 2000 hrs Z

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event starts in 7 hrs time, Advanced Server, YSSY, spawn at TERMINAL 2 for 16L / 34R departure.

I will be in Jetstar A320 using call sign "JST 14 ", look forward to seeing you there!

Nope open to anyone!! :-)

Starts one hour right?

Oh no am @work would so to come…😳😳😳😬😬😬 have in 2 hrs finished with the work…

Starts in about 10 mins! :-)

To which runway should we taxi?

That was great man I had blast!😁,first time I’ve ever been in group flight!See you around mate. :)

Thanks to all who came along! Really enjoyable flight! All Qantas Pilots can use PIREP QFA 9001 1hr 6 min , and I hope that all enjoyed the flight! Please post any pics below!

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